Blacture Branding and Editorial Design

UX/UI, branding, responsive design


The Problem

Blacture, a start-up with a mission to uplift and support the Black community, was looking  to create an identity and look and feel for their business verticals. I worked with on the initial branding for the company as well as the first major initiative, an editorial website. 



Blacture had 4 different business verticals  (Technology, Education/Editorial, Entertainment and Health) and our first task was differentiating each pillar. We did this by assigning a distinct color to the brandmark for each and then determined guidelines on usage.


The Editorial Website


The goal of the Blacture site was to reach Black Americans who had a thirst for strong content that celebrated the community as well as provide a space for dialogue to support the next generation of up and coming entrepreneurs, artists and entertainers. 

I was hired by Barbarian to come up with the look and feel as well as an interactive design system for the site. One that would set it apart from the competitive landscape and become a top destination for those seeking news from a Black point of view.


Interactive Design System