Nike Black History Month Digital Campaign

layout, web design


The Problem

Celebrating 10 years of excellence, we were tasked with designing Nike's decade of Black History Month collections. Using assets from the global brand design team (typography and patterns) we created a visual language that incorporated texture to incite interest and visual cohesion to the page.


The Process

Coming back to the users as enthusiastic males between the age of 15 to 19, my copy partner and I decided to create a series of quotes to celebrate black history and inspire positivity throughout the work. The 5 patterns presented also were helpful in keeping things fun and interesting. I looked to integrate them into the photography wherever appropriate.


The outcome

The work created for this campaign remains to be celebrated as one of the most visually stunning and interesting pieces of work ever created for the Black History Month collection. The inventory was sold out in a matter of days leading to overall happy client partners and further solidifying R/GA's relationship with the Nike brand team.