Sneakerlab e-commerce Experience

 brand identity, layout, web design


The Problem

The R/GA team was approached to create a test and learn site under the name Sneakerlab. The test utilized 5 artists/social media influencers to see how they could activate their following (via Instagram) to purchase footwear designed by them. Each designer designed 5 pairs of shoes and the products were available for 5 days only. Hence the name 5x5.

Our task was to create a rich and compelling site experience that showed the inspiration behind the shoe design at all touchpoints and excited consumers driving them to purchase during this limited time. The challenge and opportunity here was to create a new identity for this program since it would exist as a non-Nike branded Squarespace website. 


The 5x5 Designers


The Process

Understanding that the users of the site would be coming in from a visual heavy platform like Instagram, I wanted to make the visuals stunning, bright, bold, fresh and dynamic. Colorful and inspiring were words that I kept coming back to within my exploration.




Without having to stick to the constraints of Nike's traditional typeface and guidelines we had the chance to create a new and unique typographic system. 




When creating the logo I wanted to emphasize the deconstructed nature of special craftsmanship behind the shoes. I did this subtly by breaking apart the number 5 in a few shapes.




Conveying the inspiration behind each shoe was key so I designed lock-ups showing each shoe along with it's reference image and color palette. 


Once the shoe designs were received the final assets were created. 


Designer Page – Ruba Abu-Nimah


Shop All Product Gridwall


Product Detail Page


The Outcome

During it's 5 day run (1/6/17 to 1/11/17), the Sneakerlab campaign gained hundreds of thousands of impressions and generated a significant result in sales. The program was so successful that it's findings are now being analyzed to see how influencer campaigns along with the NikeID builder technology can partner to tell better and more engaging brand stories.