Tannen’s North Star Vision

UX/UI, branding, copywriting, responsive design

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The Problem

Tannen's Magic shop, located in NYC, wanted a future state brand refresh to envision an updated look on their brand mark as well as their current website. The current website entails a poor structure limiting the ability to sort through the inventory and is not mobile friendly. The client team had an additional challenge of wanting a refresh, but not going too far from the current mark as to keep the brand's historic value. 

Upon developing the work we asked ourself a question:

How can we update Tannen's Magic while not alienating the current customer set?


The Process

Understanding that client team didn't want to stray too far from the original brand mark, we cleaned up the logo to make it work at smaller scales especially important for digital placements.


We also added stars around the 'T' in the logo to encourage a sense of dynamic magic.


Brand Identity

In creating the new typographic system we leaned on the brand history. We researched old Tannen's Magic publications and landed on the Google font, Josephin Sans, as the final choice. With regard to the color palette and photo art direction we wanted to keep the mood dark and mysterious while having a touch of grand, elegance with the usage of gold.


Creating the digital portion of the project entailed the process of first creating the site architecture and then wireframing to consider layout and functionality.


The Outcome

The brand vision was well received by the clients, but site updates are outstanding until resources are put in place to maintain the site inventory, product shots, etc. In the interim have a play with the prototype.