Hi! I'm Amanda George, a product designer based in NYC. I'm happy to have met your acquaintance.

I'm a NYC bred designer with a focus on the digital realm (products and platforms). I believe in the value of user research that's designed into a lean development process, prototyping and testing early to validate assumptions as well as creating beautiful, human-centered experiences that ladder up to a concise business strategy.  

I have a background in media planning/strategy spending several years creating consumer profiles and marketing campaigns for clients such as Campbell's Soup Company, L'Oreal and P&G before discovering design. Since transitioning my career, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with incredible people at Nike, Apple, Samsung and Johnson & Johnson.  

Outside of the work, I have a passion for fashion, food, music and art. I can usually be found chatting with friends about my latest podcast obsession or scoping out the city in search of a vegan cookie. 

Let's connect.

Email: amanda (@) amandageorge (dot) com
Instagram (sorry I'm terrible at posting pics, but tune in to my stories)

Full resumé available for download here.