Acuvue Define Virtual Try-on Experience

product design, branding, responsive design

interactive prototype


The Problem

To showcase the impact of color lens enhancement without the need for a trip to the optician we were tasked to design a product experience that allowed consumers to virtually try on ACUVUE's new product, Define, contact lens on the go. 


The Process

I collaborated with creative directors, experience designers and copy partners to develop the system.  We also worked with the team's engineers to develop a working prototype that was shared internally for testing.


In addition to creating the mobile app we developed a corresponding web experience allowing consumers to see the lens on a series of models of various eye colors. Giving a sense of how the lens would look on themselves.


The Outcome

Due to budget limitations and leadership transition within the organization the product didn't ship internationally as anticipated. However the project served as a great opportunity for cross-collaboration between our R/GA J&J team and the process is often referred to as way to work nimbly across a tight, unified team.