Nike Elite Athlete Commerce Experience

UI/UX, layout, responsive design


The Problem

The Nike Elite brief allowed the team to have a fresh take on the 2006 flash enabled experience. It was an incredible opportunity to rebrand the athlete shopping journey — working with traditional framework of Trade Gothic typeface, but incorporating new color palettes, imagery as well as site functionality.

Upon developing the work we asked ourself a question.

How can we provide elite athletes with a premium and seamless shopping experience?


Log-in Page


The Process

Completed within 6 months using an agile process, we met with stakeholders on an on-going basis to establish alignment while ensuring all work tied back to the user needs. We also created personas based these users (professional/college athletes, university administrators, etc). In the comps shown here Lebron James is referenced.


Welcome Letter Upon Log-in




Mobile Navigation


Product Detail Page


Checkout Page


The Outcome

The work was completed with a fully designed and annotated style guide detailing animations/interactions as well as specs and rules around typography, navigation, etc. The site launched and is currently available for elite Nike athletes and partners.